Apeaksoft Screen Recorder 2.3.80 Crack + Serial Key 2024

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Apeaksoft Screen Recorder 2.3.80 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2024

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder 2.3.80 Crack is today’s digital age, Screen recording software has become an essential tool for various purposes, ranging from creating tutorials and gaming content to capturing important presentations and video calls. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is one such software that has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and robust feature set. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the intricacies of Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, exploring its key features, performance, user interface, supported formats, and more. By the end of this review, you’ll have a thorough understanding of whether this software is the right fit for your screen recording needs. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced users. The layout is clean, with well-organized menus and buttons, ensuring that users can quickly locate the features they need without any hassle. VovSoft Screen Recorder Crack

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

The software offers a range of recording options, allowing users to capture their screens in various modes. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder Crack to record the full screen, a specific window, or a custom-defined region. This flexibility is particularly useful for users with specific recording requirements. A notable feature of Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is its ability to record from multiple sources simultaneously. Users can record not only the screen but also audio from the system, microphone, or both. This makes it an ideal choice for creating comprehensive tutorials, gameplay videos, and webinars. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder supports high-definition recording, ensuring that the output videos are crisp and clear. Users can adjust the video quality settings to suit their preferences or specific project requirements. Abelssoft ScreenVideo Crack

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder Crack + Key Download 2024

The software offers a convenient scheduling that allows users to set a start time and duration for their recordings. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder Key is particularly useful for capturing live events, webinars, or any content that occurs at a specific time. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder comes equipped with a set of annotation tools, including text, arrows, shapes, and highlights. These tools enable users to add context and emphasis to their recordings. Additionally, the software provides basic editing features that allow users to trim, crop, and merge recorded videos. Another standout feature is the ability to highlight mouse clicks and movements during the recording process. This is particularly valuable for tutorial creators and software reviewers, as it helps viewers follow along with the on-screen actions. ThunderSoft Screen Recorder Pro Crack

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder has a wide range of output formats, including popular video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, and more. This ensures compatibility with a variety of devices and platforms. Users have the option to set custom hotkeys for various functions, allowing for quick and efficient control during recording sessions. This feature enhances the overall user experience and productivity. The software provides a plethora of customizable settings for both video and audio. Users can adjust parameters such as video codec, frame rate, bitrate, audio quality, and more, providing a high degree of control over the recording process. One of the critical aspects of any screen recording software is its performance, particularly in terms of system resource utilization. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder exhibits efficient resource management, ensuring smooth recording even on computers with modest specifications. IceCream Screen Recorder Pro Crack

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder Crack + Registration Code 2024

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder License Key is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, making it a versatile choice for users across different platforms. The software’s consistent performance on both platforms demonstrates its robustness and reliability. During testing, the software maintained a stable frame rate and produced videos of excellent quality without causing any noticeable lag or slowdown. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder’s friendly interface, versatile recording options, and regular updates make it a valuable tool for a wide range of users. While it may lack some advanced editing features and a broader selection of output formats, it excels in its core functionality. For Windows users seeking a reliable and straightforward screen recording solution, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is certainly worth consideration. Screenpresso Pro Crack

Key Features:

Versatile Recording Options:

  • Apeaksoft Screen Recorder provides a versatile array of recording options. Users can choose to record the entire screen, a specific window, or even a customized region. This flexibility ensures that it caters to a wide range of use cases, from capturing full-screen gameplay to creating tutorials focusing on specific software components.

Audio Recording Capabilities:

  • The software excels in audio recording, offering multiple sources to choose from. Users can record system audio, microphone input, or both simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for creating video tutorials, podcasts, or narrated presentations.

High-Quality Output Formats:

  • Apeaksoft Screen Recorder supports a variety of output formats, including popular options like MP4, AVI, WMV, and FLV. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices and platforms, enhancing the software’s versatility.

Scheduled Recordings:

  • One standout feature is the ability to schedule recordings in advance. This can be immensely useful for capturing live streams, webinars, or any time-sensitive content. Users can set the start and stop times, allowing for hands-free operation.

Annotations and Editing Tools:

  • Apeaksoft Screen Recorder comes equipped with a set of annotation tools. Users can add text, shapes, arrows, and highlights to emphasize specific areas of the recording. This facilitates the creation of more engaging and informative content.

Webcam Overlay:

  • For those who wish to add a personal touch to their recordings, the software allows for a webcam overlay. This feature is particularly valuable for creating video tutorials, presentations, or vlogs, enabling a direct connection with the audience.

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What’s New?

  • Enhanced Performance: Recent updates have focused on optimizing resource utilization, resulting in smoother recording experiences even on lower-end systems. This is a significant improvement for users with less powerful hardware.
  • Improved Editing Capabilities: The latest version introduces more advanced editing tools, allowing users to fine-tune their recordings with greater precision. This includes features like trimming, cropping, and the ability to apply various filters.
  • Expanded Format Support: Newer output formats have been added, including industry-standard codecs that further enhance compatibility across various devices and platforms.
  • Streamlined User Interface: The interface has undergone a revamp, with a more intuitive layout and improved navigation. This ensures that users can quickly access the features they need without unnecessary complexity.

License Keys:





  • Apeaksoft Screen Recorder boasts an intuitive interface, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced users.
  • Navigating through the various features and settings is straightforward. The software provides a comprehensive suite of recording options, catering to a diverse set of user needs.
  • Whether it’s capturing gameplay, creating tutorials, or recording webinars, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder has it covered.
  • The ability to schedule recordings sets this software apart. Users can plan and automate the recording process, ensuring they never miss time-sensitive content.
  • The inclusion of annotation tools allows for on-the-fly customization of recordings, enhancing their clarity and instructional value.
  • Apeaksoft has demonstrated a commitment to improving its software with regular updates.
  • This ensures that users benefit from the latest features and performance enhancements.


  • While the software includes basic editing tools, it may fall short for users looking for more advanced video editing capabilities.
  • Those requiring extensive post-production work may need to export recordings to a dedicated video editing software.
  • Although Apeaksoft Screen Recorder supports popular formats, some users may find the selection somewhat limited compared to other screen recording software.
  • As of my last knowledge update in September, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is compatible with Windows operating systems only.
  • This may exclude Mac and Linux users from utilizing its features.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10.
  • Memory (RAM) required: 512 MB of RAM is required (1 GB recommended).
  • Hard disk space required: 80 MB of free space is required.
  • Processor: 1 GHz Intel / AMD CPU or later.

How To Install/Crack?

  • Download the latest version first.
  • turn off antivirus
  • After downloading Unpack the package or extract the RAR file and open the installation (use Winrar to remove.
  • Install the configuration after disabling the on-the-fly installation.
  • Now open the file or ‘Patch’, copy and paste the patch in the installation directory, and apply it.
  • Lastly, enjoy the latest version.


Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is out as a comprehensive and user-friendly screen recording solution. Its intuitive interface, coupled with a wide array of features, makes it a valuable tool for a diverse range of users, from content creators and educators to professionals and gamers. The software’s flexibility in recording options, coupled with its high-quality output and efficient resource management, sets it apart in the crowded screen recording software market. Whether you’re capturing tutorials, gameplay, presentations, or any other on-screen content, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder proves to be a reliable and feature-rich choice.